Youyoung! You rock!

Youyoung’s survey is terrific. I think I might, um, borrow that idea. I can also recommend Wufoo for a survey tool; Daniel Bachhuber pointed me to them. They are fast and flexible and they let you export your data any which way.

I am at a conference in DC, working during a break on the Web site relaunch. Maybe I’ll post a link to my site here and crowdsource the re-launch, by asking you to tell me what’s wrong with it? I am hoping to re-launch it in the next little while, but keep getting tripped (need new embed codes for updated forms; need to learn how to insert images on the front page in the new landing page; why doesn’t my site work as well as Selcen’s?).

Best link of the day: Niemanlab asks its readers to send in their Google Analytics data on whether readers are finding them more often via SEO or SMO, or some other way, and what does that mean.


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At long last!

Sorry it took me so long to get here. Hello, Selcen! Hello, classmates!

Here’s what I sent Selcen earlier … as a sketch of what I’m doing: the business sketch, the rough sketch of the sitemap, the mockup of the first front page of the relaunch.

The original beta site is still up, at, though it is soon to relaunch.

The development site is at … and under construction. Many things about it are right, and many need fixing.

Oddly, some of the functionalities of this WordPress aren’t working like my other one: uploading files from dropbox, the “insert more” tag.  Oh, well, sigh.

–hosting at Webfaction;
–under development on WordPress for my modest beta relaunch, with a developer who’s done three hyperlocal sites (;
–Wufoo for data collection, both staff interviews and crowdsourcing;
–probably Mailchimp instead of Constant Contact, because it works with 37signals Highrise, which i have been told might be useful.

All free and open-source where I can get it and it works; rejected Google forms because Continue reading

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